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Music Education in the Margins

Title: Music Education in the Margins: A Case Study of the Guri Santa Marcelina.
Name(s): Aycock, Sylvia Rose, author
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Date Issued: 2016-04-28
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Beyond teaching students to sing and play instruments in an ensemble, many community music organizations aim to teach discipline and mold character. One such organization, the Guri Santa Marcelina located in São Paulo, Brazil, provides a social justice-driven music education in which students of all backgrounds and circumstances are afforded the opportunity to study music, something the organization sees as a fundamental right. Employing both music educators and social workers, the Guri Santa Marcelina attends to the needs of the students holistically in and outside of the classroom working with families and the community as a whole. The organization currently has forty-six satellite locations throughout the city of twenty million. In participating in music classes and activities, and interviewing teachers and social workers at the Guri Santa Marcelina, I had the opportunity to learn how their mission plays out in reality. How do the social workers meet the students’ and families’ needs? How are the music teachers educating their students? How do the social workers and music teachers interact and influence one another? Through ethnographic research, I examine the relationship between music education and social justice in the example of the Guri Santa Marcelina, a music education institution, and social project. Contextualizing my interactions and reflections with a review of the literature, I explore the possibility of creating social change through music education.
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Keywords: music, music education, social justice, human rights, Brazil,
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