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Research and Interventions to Reduce Domestic Violence Revictimization

Title: Research and Interventions to Reduce Domestic Violence Revictimization.
Name(s): Mears, Daniel P., author
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Date Issued: 2002-01-01
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Despite decades of research on domestic violence, considerable challenges must be addressed to develop sound, theoretically and empirically-based interventions for reducing domestic violence revictimization. Many basic and applied research issues remain unaddressed by existing studies, and evaluations frequently do not sufficiently highlight their limitations or program or policy implications. Nonetheless, considerable progress has been made, and practitioners and policymakers increasingly have a wide range of promising interventions from which to select. This paper reviews research on domestic violence and focuses particular attention on interventions aimed at reducing revictimization among individuals known to have been abused. It also provides a conceptual framework for practitioners and policymakers to situate existing evaluation research, and highlights the need for better data to understand and assess efforts to reduce domestic violence revictimization. The author concludes by discussing directions for future research and recommendations for practice and policy.
Identifier: FSU_libsubv1_scholarship_submission_1461348349 (IID), 10.1177/1524838002250764 (DOI)
Keywords: domestic violence, interventions, revictimization
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Preferred Citation: Mears, Daniel P. 2002. “Research and Interventions to Reduce Domestic Violence Revictimization.” Trauma, Violence, and Abuse 4(2):127-147.
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Issue: iss. 2, vol. 4

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