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School Choice and Segregation in Florida

Title: School Choice and Segregation in Florida.
Name(s): Martin, Elizabeth, author
Department of Political Science
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Date Issued: 2013
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Abstract/Description: Although the 1954 case of Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka prohibited de jure racial segregation in American public schools, de facto segregation persists in many schools around the country. There is research to suggest that one of the causes of this segregation is the school choice movement, which includes charter schools, magnet schools, vouchers, and other programs intended to allow parents more choice in the school their child attends. This project examines the effects of the school choice movement on both racial and socioeconomic segregation in Florida, a state that has fully embraced the school choice movement. I used data from the National Center for Education Statistics and the US Census to examine segregation on the school, district, and state levels in order to gain a thorough understanding of the effects of schools of choice. The results indicate that charter and magnet schools are more racially unbalanced than traditional schools in Florida, and that since the opening of charter schools in the state, more Florida public schools have become racially unbalanced. Unfortunately, results for socioeconomic segregation are slightly more unclear due to data constraints on poverty within schools and changes in measures between years. Overall this research shows that there may be unintended consequences to school choice. This is important for the state of Florida in particular to consider, since the ideological rhetoric surrounding the issue of school choice and education reform often outshines the concrete evidence of its costs.
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Subject(s): International relations
Political science
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