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Biophysical Characterization of a ssDNA Virus

Title: Biophysical Characterization of a ssDNA Virus.
Name(s): Morrison, Anneliese J., author
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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Date Issued: 2014
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Abstract/Description: Viral capsids must assemble into stable structures that resist dissociation in extreme environments between hosts yet they simultaneously must be unstable enough to release their genome upon infection. The conflicting functions that the viral capsid must fulfill suggests that they exhibit an evolutionarily fine-tuned structure/function relationship that is not apparent in many other systems. Biophysical characterization of viral assembly and disassembly processes can aid in developing an understanding of the physical mechanisms that underlie the relationship between tightly linked phenotypes in complex protein systems. In this honor's thesis project, the dissociation process was biophysically characterized in an ssDNA bacteriophage. After the development of a PEG precipitation based purification method, intrinsic fluorescence spectroscopy, static light scattering, and plaque assays were used to develop a two-step model that describes the molecular events that occur during Microvirid bacteriophage capsid dissociation. At 57˚C using a scan rate of 1˚C/min, loss of 99% of viral activity is observed corresponding to loss of the major spike protein. At 69˚C transitions are seen in fluorescence and light scattering spectra that indicate a structural change is occurring. Plaque assays confirm that immediately after the structural transition occurs all viral activity is lost, indicating that this second step represents global capsid dissociation.
Identifier: FSU_migr_uhm-0428 (IID)
Keywords: ssDNA virus, bacteriophage purification, virus disassembly, microviridae, microvirus purification
Submitted Note: A Thesis submitted to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in partial fulfillment of the requirements for graduation with Honors in the Major.
Degree Awarded: Fall, 2014.
Date of Defense: December 4, 2014.
Subject(s): Biochemistry
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Host Institution: FSU
Is Part of Series: Honors Theses.

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