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Exploration and Synthesis of Cyclooctyne Precursors

Title: Exploration and Synthesis of Cyclooctyne Precursors.
Name(s): Croy, Kelly, author
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Date Issued: 2015
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Abstract/Description: Photographer David Douglas Duncan captured several images of the Middle East and South Asia throughout the 1940s and 1950s. His photographs were published in several photo essays in Life magazine. This study will focus on a portion of his work: photojournalism of the Partition of India and Pakistan. We will identify and compare photojournalistic strategies present in Duncan's photographs, captions, and Life's editorializing. Studies on photojournalism frequently explore visual manipulation, but rarely highlight the use of photographs in establishing cultural proximity between the United States and South Asia. Duncan's photography provides previously unstudied evidence of trends in photojournalism concerning this time and location. This study explores the two photo essays featuring Duncan's photographs, published by Life. The articles includes "The Birth of Two Nations" published September 8, 1947, and "India Gets Its Freedom" published September 18, 1947. The study will use NVivo software for the purpose of content analysis and coding of these articles and Duncan's own captions, previously published studies of visual manipulation, and the histories of India and Pakistan. Upon conclusion, the study will provide insight into visual manipulation present during the 1940s and 1950s in relation to cultural proximity between the United States and South Asia.
Identifier: FSU_migr_undergradsymposium2015-0013 (IID)
Subject(s): Chemistry
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