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Ethical Arguments for the Use of Cognitive Enhancers

Title: Ethical Arguments for the Use of Cognitive Enhancers.
Name(s): Clayborne, Colby, author
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Date Issued: 2013
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Abstract/Description: Issues surrounding the use of cognitive enhancers by healthy adults have given rise to numerous ethical concerns. It may be considered unnatural, unfair to those who cannot or do not use them, or unsafe in certain ways, and therefore some consider it morally impermissible on these grounds. However, I argue that limiting the use of such drugs to those with valid prescriptions is immoral in its own right, as it infringes upon our rights. It appears detrimental to society to limit use in this way, as we hold ourselves back from general improvements to everyday life, as well as from dramatic improvements as a result of new discovery. I argue that nearly every aspect of life can be improved through the use of such enhancers, and I propose the cognitive enhancers could make the world a safer place. I analyze enhancement in such a way that forces opponents to evaluate why they oppose cognitive enhancers, and how their opinions may change in the future as better drugs become available. I address the benefits of increased competition that would certainly result from the use of these pharmaceuticals. I conclude by conceding that more research must be done as so little is known about the use of these enhancers by healthy individuals, but I claim with valid reasoning that it should be morally permissible for such drugs to be used by anyone of age.
Identifier: FSU_migr_phi2630-0001 (IID)
Keywords: ethics, cognitive enhancers/enhancement, pharmaceuticals
Note: © 2013, Colby Clayborne
Subject(s): Political ethics
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Is Part of Series: Honors Ethical Issues and Life Choices (PHI2630).

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