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Perceptions of Aging Across 26 Cultures and Their Culture-Level Associates

Title: Perceptions of Aging Across 26 Cultures and Their Culture-Level Associates.
Name(s): Löckenhoff, Corinna, author
De Fruyt, Filip, author
Terracciano, Antonio, author
McCrae, Robert R., author
De Bolle, Marleen, author
Costa, Paul, author
Aguilar-Vafaie, Maria, author
Ahn, Chang-kyu, author
Ahn, Hyun-nie, author
Alcalay, Lidia, author
Allik, Jüri, author
Avdeyeva, Tatyana, author
Barbaranelli, Claudio, author
Benet-Martínez, Verónica, author
Blatný, Marek, author
Bratko, Denis, author
Cain, Thomas, author
Crawford, Jarret, author
Lima, Margarida, author
Ficková, Emília, author
Gheorghiu, Mirona, author
Halberstadt, Jamin, author
Hrebícková, Martina, author
Jussim, Lee J., author
Klinkosz, Waldemar, author
Knezević, Goran, author
de Figueroa, Nora, author
Martin, Thomas, author
Marusić, Iris, author
Mastor, Khairul, author
Miramontez, Daniel, author
Nakazato, Katsuharu, author
Nansubuga, Florence, author
Pramila, V., author
Realo, Anu, author
Rolland, Jean-Pierre, author
Rossier, Jerome, author
Schmidt, Vanina, author
Sekowski, Andrzej, author
Shakespeare-Finch, Jane, author
Shimonaka, Yoshiko, author
Simonetti, Franco, author
Siuta, Jerzy, author
Smith, Peter Bevington, author
Szmigielska, Barbara, author
Wang, Lei, 1984-, author
Yamaguchi, Mami, author
Yik, Michelle, author
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Text
Issuance: serial
Date Issued: 2009
Physical Form: computer
online resource
Extent: 1 online resource
Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: College students (N=3,435) in 26 cultures reported their perceptions of age-related changes in physical, cognitive, and socioemotional areas of functioning and rated societal views of aging within their culture. There was widespread cross-cultural consensus regarding the expected direction of aging trajectories with (a) perceived declines in societal views of aging, physical attractiveness, the ability to perform everyday tasks, and new learning; (b) perceived increases in wisdom, knowledge, and received respect; and (c) perceived stability in family authority and life satisfaction. Cross-cultural variations in aging perceptions were associated with culture-level indicators of population aging, education levels, values, and national character stereotypes. These associations were stronger for societal views on aging and perceptions of socioemotional changes than for perceptions of physical and cognitive changes. A consideration of culture-level variables also suggested that previously reported differences in aging perceptions between Asian and Western countries may be related to differences in population structure.
Identifier: FSU_migr_geriatrics_faculty_publications-0021 (IID), 10.1037/a0016901 (DOI)
Keywords: aging, attitude, cognition, culture, physical fitness, social perception, stereotyping, values
Uncontrolled subjects: Age Factors, Aging, Attitude, Cognition, Cross-Cultural Comparison, Culture, Humans, Physical Fitness, Social Perception, Stereotyping
Note: Published in final edited form as:'>"> Psychol Aging. 2009 December; 24(4): 941–954. doi: 10.1037/a0016901'>">10.1037/a0016901
Citation: Loeckenhoff CE, De Fruyt F, Terracciano A, McCrae RR, De Bolle M, Costa PT Jr, Aguilar-Vafaie ME, Ahn CK, Ahn HN, Alcalay L, Allik J, Avdeyeva TV, Barbaranelli C, Benet-Martinez V, Blatný M, Bratko D, Cain TR, Crawford JT, Lima MP, Ficková E, Gheorghiu M, Halberstadt J, Hrebícková M, Jussim L, Klinkosz W, Knezevic G, de Figueroa NL, Martin TA, Marusic I, Mastor KA, Miramontez DR, Nakazato K, Nansubuga F, Pramila VS, Realo A, Rolland JP, Rossier J, Schmidt V, Sekowski A, Shakespeare-Finch J, Shimonaka Y, Simonetti F, Siuta J, Smith PB, Szmigielska B, Wang L, Yamaguchi M, & Yik M (2009). Perceptions of aging across 26 cultures and their culture-level associates. Psychology and Aging, 24, 941-954.
Subject(s): Anthropology
Mental health
Medical sciences
Social psychiatry
Social sciences
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Owner Institution: FSU
Is Part of Series: Department of Geriatrics Faculty Publications.
Is Part Of: Psychology and Aging.
Issue: 4, 24

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Löckenhoff, C., De Fruyt, F., Terracciano, A., McCrae, R. R., De Bolle, M., Costa, P., … Yik, M. (2009). Perceptions of Aging Across 26 Cultures and Their Culture-Level Associates. Psychology And Aging. Retrieved from