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What Do We Mean By Library Leadership?

Title: What Do We Mean By Library Leadership?: Leadership in LIS Education.
Name(s): Phillips, Abigail, author
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Issuance: serial
Date Issued: 2014
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Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: Leadership is an often-misunderstood word, especially in the context of libraries. With multiple definitions for the word 'leadership' and vast numbers of leadership styles, it can be difficult to identity what exactly is meant when discussing library leadership. This literature review brings together 10 years of scholarly research on leadership in the library as it relates to LIS education. Through a close evaluation of this literature, a more holistic understanding of 'leadership' as a concept in LIS education can be better understood. Several topics are highlighted and discussed including the ambiguity in definitions of 'leadership', the qualities of library leaders, leadership in LIS curriculum, library leadership and organization change, and library leadership and new librarians. For this review, the definition of LIS curriculum includes professional association leadership programs. Closing this literature review are recommendations for incorporating leadership education and mentorship opportunities into MLIS programs.
Identifier: FSU_migr_slis_faculty_publications-0026 (IID)
Keywords: leadership, leadership programs, LIS education, LIS curriculum, mentorship
Note: This is the peer-reviewed author's accepted manuscript as it was accepted for publication in the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science (JELIS).
Citation: Phillips. A. (2014). What do we mean by library leadership? Leadership in LIS education. Journal of Education in Library and Information Science, 55(4), 336-344.
Subject(s): Information science
Library science
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Issue: 4, 55

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