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Ataques de Nervios

Title: Ataques de Nervios: Culturally Bound and Distinct from Panic Attacks?.
Name(s): Keough, Meghan Elizabeth, author
Schmidt, Norman B., professor directing thesis
Joiner, Thomas E., committee member
Schatschneider, Chris, committee member
Department of Psychology, degree granting department
Florida State University, degree granting institution
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Text
Issuance: monographic
Date Issued: 2007
Publisher: Florida State University
Place of Publication: Tallahassee, Florida
Physical Form: computer
online resource
Extent: 1 online resource
Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: With the U.S. population becoming increasingly diverse, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR; American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2000) acknowledged the importance of understanding psychopathology within a cultural framework by including culture-bound syndromes. These syndromes are proposed to be bound to certain cultures and distinct from other psychological disorders. Included among the syndromes are ataques de nervios, which are reported to be bound to the Hispanic culture and closely resemble panic attacks. Previous investigations of ataques de nervios have primarily focused on Hispanic samples without including other ethnicities or measures of acculturation. The current study employed an ethnically diverse study sample (N=342) and included measures of acculturation. In contrast to the DSM-IV's conceptualization of ataques de nervios, the rate of ataques de nervios did not significantly vary across the three main groups (Black, White and Hispanic participants) nor did it vary based on acculturation. More consistent with the DSM-IV, the results indicate some differentiation between the two types of attacks.
Identifier: FSU_migr_etd-3172 (IID)
Submitted Note: A Thesis submitted to the Department of Psychology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science.
Degree Awarded: Fall Semester, 2007.
Date of Defense: July 23, 2007.
Keywords: Anxiety Sensitivity, Acculturation, Panic Attacks, Trauma, Ataques De Nervios
Bibliography Note: Includes bibliographical references.
Advisory Committee: Norman B. Schmidt, Professor Directing Thesis; Thomas E. Joiner, Committee Member; Chris Schatschneider, Committee Member.
Subject(s): Psychology
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Owner Institution: FSU

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