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Measuring and Changing Employee Work Behavior

Title: Measuring and Changing Employee Work Behavior: An Application of the Performance Matrix.
Name(s): Plowman, Jeanine M., author
Bailey, Jon S., professor directing dissertation
Perrewe', Pamela L., outside committee member
Johnson, Frank, committee member
Plant, E. Ashby, committee member
Welsh, Tom, committee member
Department of Psychology, degree granting department
Florida State University, degree granting institution
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Text
Issuance: monographic
Date Issued: 2005
Publisher: Florida State University
Place of Publication: Tallahassee, Florida
Physical Form: computer
online resource
Extent: 1 online resource
Language(s): English
Abstract/Description: In the face of a competitive marketplace, businesses are searching for effective solutions to managing employee work behavior. One such approach is through the systematic application of Organizational Behavior Management. While investigations of pay-for-performance programs and incentive systems have demonstrated desired changes in workplace behavior, little research has been conducted on the Performance Matrix, a measurement system and objective feedback tool. The current study offers insight on the construction and general effectiveness of the Performance Matrix when used in conjunction with a work-contingent incentive and feedback system for small groups. Primary research questions tested the efficacy of the Performance Matrix as a tool to change the customer service behaviors of 12 retail sales associates. Secondary questions pertained to manipulations of the prioritized weight distribution feature of the Performance Matrix, how it is used, effects on non-targeted behaviors and relation to response covariation, and assessment for preference and end-user satisfaction. Results indicated that customer service-type performance was changed on average by 10 percent when weight distribution differentials were 15 or more. No detrimental effects were found for other behaviors not targeted for incentive earnings. Implications for implementing a Performance Matrix system with incentives are discussed.
Identifier: FSU_migr_etd-0638 (IID)
Submitted Note: A Dissertation submitted to the Department of Psychology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
Degree Awarded: Degree Awarded: Spring Semester, 2005.
Date of Defense: Date of Defense: March 28, 2005.
Keywords: Task Priorization, Weighted Distribution, Employee Incentives
Bibliography Note: Includes bibliographical references.
Advisory committee: Jon S. Bailey, Professor Directing Dissertation; Pamela L. Perrewe', Outside Committee Member; Frank Johnson, Committee Member; E. Ashby Plant, Committee Member; Tom Welsh, Committee Member.
Subject(s): Psychology
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