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PHD, Doctor of Philosophy

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Dissertation - Open Access


Department of English

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Committee Chair - Joseph R. McElrath

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Summer 8-2-2003


Sylvester Henry “Harry” Scovel (1869-1905) was one of the most celebrated journalists of the Spanish-American War. Almost every scholar who has written about the correspondents of this late nineteenth-century engagement has made use of Scovel’s dispatches from the New York World, particularly his on-the-scene reports of the explosion of the Maine. For the first time, all of Scovel’s “war” writing for the Joseph Pulitzer owned New York World are here made available in edited form: 132 dispatches dating from the explosion of the Maine on February 15, 1898, to his letter of August 10, 1898, an explanation and apology for the events surrounding his confrontation with General Shafter at the flag-raising ceremony in Santiago.

Following an introduction treating the correspondent’s life and experiences during the war is a transcription of each article, which has been given a close proofreading and then edited to reflect the discernible intentions of the author within the conventions of contemporaneous usage. The arrangement is chronological, and an "Editorial Methodology" explains how and why these articles are edited as they appear.


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