Degree Name

MA, Master of Arts

Degree Type

Thesis - Open Access


Program in American and Florida Studies

Advisory Committee

Committee Chair - Dennis Moore

Committee Member - Neil Jumonville

Committee Member - Susan Wood


Summer 8-21-2008


This thesis explores the relationship of the confrontation at Ocean Hill-Brownsville and the change away from New Deal liberalism and toward separatism. Through historicizing this issue, I also critiquethe changing nature of professionalism, the push for community control and decentralization of schools, and how these ideas influence democracy in education. Various people involved in the confrontation during the summer and fall of 1968 represent the particular positions of each side of the issue. Further, these two sides are also personified in the AFT (American Federatino of Teachers)and the advocates of community control and decentralization. Through my examination, I attemtp to locate the importance of the experiment in community control in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville district under the greater context of American liberalism.


Open Access