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PHD, Doctor of Philosophy

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Dissertation - Open Access


Department of Art Education

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Committee Chair - Charles M. Dorn

Committee Member - Gary W. Peterson

Committee Member - Marcia L. Rosal

Committee Member - Tom Anderson




A self-regulatory intervention of metacognitive/self-reflective journal writing, which specifically addressed goal setting, self-reflection and self-evaluation, was used in combination with an established digital portfolio assessment methodology. The portfolio assessment methodology was established by Dorn, Sabol, Madeja, (2003) as a method for measuring student art performance in visual art classes over time. Two groups of students in five schools were studied in this quasi-experimental research project, that involved digitization of the students’ artworks and an intervention of metacognitive/self-reflective journal writing. Beginning of the term portfolios and end of the term portfolios were collected and later scored using holistic rubrics. Statistical analyses were applied in order to judge and compare the two portfolios and the posttest results of the experimental group was compared to the control group. The first portfolio pretest was a collection of the first three to four 2 -D artworks produced by each student. The second portfolio posttest was a collection of the last three or four 2-D artworks produced near the end of the year or term. The metacognitive/self-reflective writing journals were collected and scored. The journal scores were then analyzed and used to determine the level of treatment implementation and student use of metacognitive/self-regulatory skills. The results suggest that metacognative/self-reflective journal writing in conjunction with the use of self-regulated (SRL) and metacognitive learning strategies may contribute positively to students’ art performance. Self-regulated and metacognitive learning strategies focus on students’ developing awareness of themselves as learners and developing strategies to enhance their learning.


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